Cameroun - Gouvernance. Decree N° 2018-445 of 31 July 2018 To appoint officials at the Secretariat General of the Constitutional Council

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The President of the Republic, hereby decrees as follows:

Article 1: The under-mentioned persons are, with effect from the date of signature of this decree, appointed to the following posts at the Secretariat General of the Constitutional Council.
Legal Affairs Divisions
Head of Division: Mrs Olomo Belinga, née Bessomo Thérèse Dieudonée (sce N° 554 348-H), lecturer, previously in service at the University of Yaounde 2, Soa, new post.
Administrative and Financial Affairs Division
Head of Division: Mr Akoni Terrence Asuh (Sce N° 561 767-M), previously senior revenue services inspector (Taxation), previously assistant treasurer in charge of accounting at the Bamenda General Treasury, new post.
Registrar-in-chief: Mr Maka Eyoum Longin (Sce N° 572 503-C), court registry administrator, previously head of the 2nd Criminal Section at the Registry of the Special Criminal Tribunal, new post.
Article 2: The persons concerned shall be entitled to the various benefits provided for by the regulations in force.
Article 3: This decree shall be registered, published according to the procedure of urgency and inserted in the official gazette in English and French.

Yaounde, 31 July 2018
President of the Republic

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