Cameroun - Faits divers. Cameroon : Motor-Spare Parts Dealer Assassinated in Essos-Yaounde

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The corpse of Julius Okere is at the Yaounde CNPS Hospital mortuary after it was found in his car in front of his home report CT.

It is 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, January 17, 2018. The shop (Alino Automobile) of a popular motor-spare parts dealer popularly known as Alino is closed.

The Nigerian national who was selling motor spare parts at the Mvog- Ada neighbourhood in Yaounde was found in a pool of blood behind his car on Tuesday morning at his residence in Yaounde.

While the police is currently investigating the murder, his wife and house servant are under custody as the primary suspects.

According to Raphael, one of the Nigerian nationals at the Mvog-Ada neighbourhood, Okere spent the Christmas holidays in Nigeria and only came back to Cameroon on Sunday, January 14. On Monday January 15, he was seen at his Alino Automobile shop as he exchanged niceties with his business neighbours and friends around.

It is said that later that day, he went home at about 11:00 p.m. Raphael said that when Okere arrived home, his residence had no light. He carefully blocked his car and made his way into his home. Thereafter, neighbours heard the sound of people tussling and thought it was the usual quarrel between the couple.

It is said that Alino was stabbed with knives several times with blood splashing all over his bedroom as well as on the stairs leading to his bedroom. Later, his corpse was placed inside his car. In an attempt to drive the car away from his residence, the engine of the car failed to start. Later in the morning, the house servant was instructed by his wife to pour water on the floor and clean all the blood stains.

The house servant later informed a friend that his master’s body was in his car in a pool of blood. It is the friend who alerted the Nigerian community of what had happened. Upon arrival at the scene, inhabitants both Cameroonians and Nigerians screamed in dismay and alerted the forces of law and order.

When the head of the Nigerian community asked where Okere wife was, the house servant said she was in the bedroom. When Police came to the scene, they went into the bedroom of Okere and noticed blood all over the wall.

Also, the dress of Okere’s wife which was stained with blood was soaked in a bucket of water in the bedroom. After intense interrogation Okere’s servant said with instructions from Okere’s wife, he had cleaned all the blood that was seen along the staircase.



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