Cameroon: FCFA13.277 Billion For Three Programmes in Public Service

Cameroun - Economie. Cameroon: FCFA13.277 Billion For Three Programmes in Public Service

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The amount in the draft budget is to fund two operational programs and a governance and institutional support program.

The Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform has presented the budget of his Ministry to the Committee on Finance and Budget of the National Assembly. Minister Michel Ange Angouin did the presentation on December 2.

The budget stands at 13, 277, 000, 000. Minister Angouin told the Committee that FCFA 600 million of the money will be used for investment. Going by his presentation, the execution of the budget would be implemented in three programs which include two operational programs and a support program.

One of the operational programs entitled “Improving the Management of State Human Resources” will gulp FCFA 735.9 million. This would cover reinforcement of capacities of personnel of public services, modernisation of career management and improvement of management of disciplinary files as well as reorganization of the management of the state staff. FCFA 306.4 million is allocated for the second operational program dubbed “Entrenching Administrative Reform.

The support program known as “Governance and Institutional Support” is expected to consume FCFA 12, 234, 700, 000. According to the plan, this support program will ensure the implementation of the aforementioned operational programs. It will be implemented through eleven activities outlined by the Ministry.

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