Ireland. 10 Reasons You Should Visit Ireland

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Ireland doesn’t usually appear among the most popular travel destinations. Nevertheless, this country has a very old history, ancient traditions, great places to visit, and, of course, the best whisky in the world. Many consider Ireland an addition to England or Great Britain.

 However, that is not so because Irish people are exclusively different and pleasantly exciting to meet. Ireland has a very rich and authentic culture and offers many joyful opportunities that tourists can enjoy. You can find out more about Ireland at our site, The Republic of Ireland or, simply put, Ireland is a great place that can provide you with many wonderful attractions and some unforgettable experiences. are pleased to present you ten reasons why you should visit Ireland.

Ireland is traditionally associated with beer drinking and whiskey drinking. Beer and whiskey first appeared here and only then spread around the world. You should definitely try it because the best whiskey and beer in the world are produced in Ireland which imports it to the countries around the world. Irish beer is like nothing else you’ve ever tried. Its taste is rich and magnificent. Irish whiskey is going to leave you speechless, perhaps, even literally. It is not by chance that Irish people drink so much. Who wouldn’t? With a taste like that it is almost a sin not to try it. Make sure to buy a couple of bottles for your friends, relatives, and close ones to make them come to Ireland too.

Ireland is naturally very beautiful. There are hills and forests spectacular in their appearance. Tour agencies offer the variety of different trips for you to enjoy. You can visit the seaside or take walking tours up the mountains to see how people live and what they do. There are many recreation zones with lakes and national parks which provide stunning views and breathless sights.

Irish bars have an exclusively original atmosphere. The drinking culture is present in Ireland, thus, historically a bar has always been a place where people gathered to meet each other, talk, celebrate, mourn, make decisions, etc. In some ways bars provided a liberal atmosphere where everybody was free to state his or her opinion. Irish Revolution was organized in bars and the nation’s fate was decided in bars. Each and every bar in Ireland has authentic atmosphere and is able to provide you with astonishing drinking experience. You can meet people, talk with them, and enjoy the company of others in the cozy, comfortable, and exciting atmosphere. Even if you don’t drink, visit a bar and order coca cola just to feel the mood.

Ireland has long history. Nowadays, it is one of the most prosperous and progressive countries in the world. However, it took a lot of time for Ireland to defend its sovereignty which only strengthened its originality and authenticity. You should enjoy local museums and archeological sites as well as historically important places to reveal the rich history of this amazing nation. Make sure to visit different galleries to familiarize yourself with the way Irish nation established its authentic originality. Many famous writers, artists, and musicians originated from Ireland. You will surely know some of the names you will come by.

Belfast is the capital city of Ireland. It has many parks, museums, galleries, and other interest places to visit. There are many local festivals in Belfast. The city’s architecture, infrastructure, and history all contribute to its cultural significance. Belfast is the heart of Ireland. Irish independence originated here and you cannot reveal the true Ireland without visiting its capital. Just walking the streets of Belfast can uplift your mood seeing as how this city is truly one of a kind.  

Irish people are not famously friendly or hospitable. Nevertheless, they are very passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic. Talking to them is a very interesting activity. Once you gain their trust, they become friendly but they generally act alienated in front of the strangers. So, make sure to present yourself appropriately in order to make contact. Irish people can tell you many stories and make a simple conversation into a wonderful experience. Without any doubt, making a contact with Irish people is a must do for you. Don’t be afraid by their seemingly unfriendly behavior. It is only initially that they come as unfriendly but, eventually, an Irish friend can support and defend you in any way possible once you prove yourself worthy of it.

Ireland offers you a possibility to attend different festivals. There are many great events to attend, especially on holidays. Try visit Ireland in winter to see Christmas celebrations or in summer to see a flower festival. When people in Ireland celebrate, they do it passionately. The joy can be felt in the air. Irish people like to celebrate their national holidays and you can easily meet new people doing it.

Visiting Ireland is surely able to provide you with unforgettable memories. Irish atmosphere is an atmosphere of excitement. In other words, you can have an adventure just passing the nearest street. Irish people like to get familiar with each other and, even though they may appear as offensive at first, don’t be afraid to accept an invitation for a drink or propose it yourself. Without any doubt, social and cultural atmosphere in Ireland deserves your attention. As any original culture, Irish culture is exceptionally attractive and sincerely true. Irish people, Irish streets, Irish society, and Irish culture are all like nothing else you’ve ever come by.

Make sure to meet and get to know Irish women. They are beautiful, passionate, devoted, sincere, and kind. They are among the most attractive and interesting women in the whole Europe. Irish women surely know how to spend time in an interesting way and make you feel better. Traditionally, women were respected in Ireland for their distinguishing features. Most of them are very intelligent. At the same time they’re not proud because they like to present themselves in the most pleasant way. Unlike Irish men, they are more social and like to communicate with people. Perhaps, that’s because they don’t drink as much as Irish men do.

Traditional Irish cuisine is rich and tasty. Nobody else cooks meat like Irish people. Because Ireland is one of the most ancient nations in Europe, Irish people have thousand year old traditions which affect their cooking. You should definitely try traditional Irish dishes that are widely popular across the whole world. Don’t miss an opportunity to try Irish stew, bacon and cabbage with potatoes, shepherd’s pie, boxty, colcannon, and coddle. Even though the elements may be familiar with predominant potato and lamb components, Irish people started to revive their traditional cuisine in 21st century making it into something extraordinarily tasteful.
All in all, now you know there are many reasons for you to visit Ireland. Irish whiskey, beer, cuisine, culture, and people surely deserve your attention. Unlike many other more popular travel destinations, Ireland offers you wonderful pleasant possibilities being one of the most interesting and original nations in the world. People often think that England has everything that Ireland has but that is not true. The passion with which Irish people approach their own national identity will surely amaze you.        


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