Cameroun - Cinéma. Laura Onyama: A Star Is Born

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Simple and humble describe Laura, considered the 2016 Best Cameroonian actress at Ecrans Noirs Film Festival.

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In Cameroon’s budding film industry, actresses such as Onyama Laura Anyeni might not have been a household name until July 23, 2016 when she was awarded the prize of the best actress in Cameroon during the Erans Noirs Film Festival in Yaounde. Since then, the 24-year old lady who hails from the South West and North West Region from Basossi and Oshie tribes respectively is making headlines.

Before obtaining a Bachelors degree in Linguistics with a minor in Political Sciences and Public Administration from the University of Buea in 2012, Laura had joined the Cameroon movie industry in 2009 and made her first appearance in a short movie in 2011; "Heavy Rain" by New Age Entertainment. The simple looking and soft-spoken Laura Onyama narrates how she later got a job with Orange Cameroun immediately after graduation and decided to take a break from acting due to her busy work schedule.

But because Laura loved acting and missed doing so, in 2015 she quit her job to concentrate on her acting career. It is at this point that Laura made a trip to Bamenda, North West Region in December for the filming of the movie “Kiss of Death”. Little did Laura know this film would spark her rapid upsurge into glory in the Cameroon’s Film Industry as she was crowned Best Cameroonian Actress at the 2016 Ecrans Noirs Film Festival through the lead role she played in “Kiss of Death”. She is also President of the Limbe branch of the National Actors' Guild of Cameroon (NAGCAM).

Laura says she had a happy childhood with her family in Limbe and so far she has featured in movies such as; "Alma", "Kum a bread", "nkene-nkene", "Rumble" and "Kiss of Death”. Apart from being an actress, Laura Ouyama is also a student makeup artist. “Acting is my passion and I feel so alive when the camera is rolling. My happiest moment is when I am on set”, Laura concludes.

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