Cameroun - Culture. FENAC: Host Venues Set For The Carnival

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There will be projection of Cameroonian films in the different halls.

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The different venues for the eighth National Festival of Arts and Culture (FENAC) are ready for the event on the theme, “Culture and Emergence.” The festival, which officially begins today, November 8, 2016, holds under the distinguished patronage of the Head of State, Paul Biya. It brings together makers of Cameroon’s cultural and artistic products. Ahead of the official kick-off, last-minute touches were going on yesterday, November 7, 2016, in the different venues to host the festival. There will be projection of Cameroonian films in different halls.

Cameroon Cultural Centre

The Cameroon Cultural Centre is the second largest venue hosting FENAC 2016. It is second to the Festival Village located at the National Museum. At the Cameroon Cultural Centre in Nlongkak yesterday November 7, 2016, officials were making final preparations to ensure a hitch-free festival. From a distance one could easily notice that there is a festival in the making. Artistes, musicians and comedians, among others, stood at the entrance discussing in small groups how to give visitors the best entertainment. Some people came to get last-minute information on the festival.

The Coordinator of the Cameroon Cultural Centre, Eloundou Atangana Joseph, said the centre will not only serve as rehearsal venue for a majority of artistes, but it will also host several activities such as lectures, live concerts, drama performances, dance as well as provide information on the festival. He said the environment is clean as usual, with the acoustic and lighting systems improved and everything put in place to ensure good visibility for the centre. Also, 100 mobile seats have been added to the existing 176 to provide enough space. “Today, the centre is more operational and more comfortable than before for FENAC to go on smoothly,” he said.

Reunification Monument

Another important venue for FENAC 2016 is the Reunification Monument. The venue will host permanent exhibitions. At the Reunification Monument yesterday, officials were busy preparing the premises for the exhibition that begins today November 8, 2016. Even though the gates were not open to the public, it could be seen that the decor was already set for the festival. According to some of the officials, participants are already flocking in with works of art, but due to the rainy weather, the works have not yet been exhibited. Our source said exhibition will start today to give Cameroonians a chance to discover the nation’s rich cultural diversity.

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