Emeutes Bamenda. December 8 violence in Bamenda: Some 21 Detainees Released

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Life has retourned to normal in Bamenda after January 9, 2017 ghost town operation.

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By 8 am on Tuesday January 10, 2017, the Governor’s Office was full of people who came to receive their children that were arrested and taken to Yaoundé after the December 8, 2016 violent clashes between the forces of law and order and protesters in Bamenda.
The news of the boys’ release spread like wildfire as people from all works of life thronged the Governor’s Office to see if their relatives were released. In all, some families were happy while others were disappointed.

Some 21 of them were released while some opinion holds that 20 are still to be released. Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique was present to receive the released detainees. One of the boys who was set free, Ambe Charbert explained that while in prison they were not tortured but that the feeding conditions were not the best.

He explained that they have been released without their identity cards, phones and money that were on them. He said they were being called around midnight to enter into a bus to an unknown destination but were happy to find themselves in Bamenda.

He said in the cell where he was, seven of them were brought to Bamenda while seven more were remained. Meanwhile, Madam Aza
Rose who came to see if her child was liberated got so disappointed as her son was not amongst those released.

She narrated that her son, Nsoh Rigobert was picked up from their house on the night of December 8 and since then she hadn’t heard
from him. She pleaded with the government to do everything to release his son and the others that are still in detention.

Besides the release of the detainees who were received in Bamenda, the population of the North West regional capital has regained their normal activities after Monday ghost town observed by all. On January 10 morning, the streets of Bamenda were busy again as people could be seen going about their daily activities but without children going to school. Schools are still to open their doors as some mission boarding schools have asked parents to keep their children at home until further notice. Traders have now regained their
shades in the main markets and other markets around. Commercial moto bikes, as well as taxis were busy transporting passengers from one destination to the other. The forces of law and order could be seen patrolling the streets to intervene where ever need arises

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